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What is Prosperity Now! ?? FAQ Part I

October 31, 2020

What is Prosperity Now! ??

FAQ Part I

I’m getting a lot of nice responses from people, and many questions asking, “What is Prosperity Now! ?”

And so I thought I would create a FAQ for you, answering many of your most common questions. But of course feel free to send me a private message to follow up, or ask some thing that hasn’t been answered here.

Also, let me say at the outset that I appreciate everyone’s support and interest. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign, or who bought a book, or both…

1) What is the program called, “Prosperity Now!”?

Prosperity now is a course that I created, based on some spiritual guidance that I did with a friend in Paris, France. They wanted to know how I was living the life of my dreams, and I said, “I can teach you!“

So we began exploring the basic spiritual, practical principles that today make up the Prosperity Now! course, ideas which are simple and actually fairly easy to begin using in your life, except…

People usually have many internal beliefs and blocks — impediments to fulfilling their dreams, and living a consistently successful life that is happy, joyous, and free. These obstacles are almost always not their fault. They came from many different sources, usually in childhood, and they persist today.

These obstacles to happiness and success are nothing more than ideas.... and thoughts, ideas are powerful things! Thoughts “give rise to the whole world,” as the Course in Miracles says. They are impediments because they are false ideas —

TRUTH: False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

So, if we don’t become aware of these ideas, and take steps to eradicate them, they affect our thinking, our feelings, our lives, our choices, our beliefs, and our experiences in life.

In other words, we get what we look for!

Prosperity Now! gently and methodically replaces these old, ineffective ideas with practical ideas and activities that help us, to find what’s blocking us, remove what’s blocking us, and replace these stale and useless ideas and beliefs with new ones that are vibrant and full of life.

What is this about tithing?

Tithing is an ancient spiritual technique. It is an action that replaces our mis-information about how the Universe works with a powerful measure that opens our eyes. Tithing lets us see in real time, what is true in Spirit, beyond the illusions of the world.

Simply, tithing is the action a person takes to re-seed 10% of their time, talent and treasure — giving back a small portion of their good — to the sources of their spiritual sustenance, in gratitude and acknowledgement of the source of all their good and well-being. It is gratitude, prayer, affirmation (of good) and denial (of lack and limitation) put into action!

The only way to really understand tithing is to experience it for yourself, and Week 1 of Prosperity Now! explains the mechanics of tithing in detail.

I have tithed for several decades now, not perfectly of course. I have had moments of fear and doubt. But I can tell you that, when I tithe my 10%, I always have more than enough to share, and I am ready to receive even more good! When I neglect my tithing, I never have enough and I fall behind....

I would no more go without tithing each month than I would go without food, air, water, friendship or love!

How do I work the Prosperity Now! program?

There are many ways to start to change your mind, your thinking and begin to live the life of your dreams. No one is too old, too poor, too sick or too depressed to begin. These are old, false beliefs!

“Begin it NOW! is one of our mottos.....

One of the stale beliefs I talked about earlier makes people say, “When I _____________ [fill in the blank] THEN I willreally start living.”

TRUTH: The “perfect time” will never come! It is never in the future. The perfect time is always Now!

I recommend people start by asking these types of question:

If money was no object, where would I be right now?

Who would I be?

What would I be doing?

What is my dream job/career/pastime/vocation/home/body/life?

And then, wait for the answer to come to you. You don’t have to figure it out.

The Universe knows what you need and desire and is ready (and waiting) to give it to you the moment you step out of your old stale thinking — even a little — and “Begin it Now!

Of course, the book, “Prosperity Now!” is written for you. It is designed for self-study. Or gather some friends and start a group to support each other on your journey. It only takes one other like-minded person to magnify your energy and desire. Or contact me. I have a group that I lead, and am available for a limited number of one-one-one Prosperity Now! sessions.

Wherever you are, that is the perfect place to start!

Love and Blessings