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Tithing is the heart of Prosperity Now! Nothing shakes up old stale thinking — thoughts of lack, of insufficiency, of “not enough” — as does sincere and mindful, purposeful, open-hearted and joyous generosity — returning a small portion of the gifts we are blessed to receive back to their source.

Tithing must be done — not in drudgery or obligation or duress — but in riotous, gleeful anticipation of receiving more!

By tithing, we are making room in our minds for a greater share of good to flow in to our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial storehouse.

We receive with gratitude whatever we are blessed by the Universe to receive, no matter how “small and meager“ it may seem. We consciously take a tithe — 10% — and sow it back into our spiritual field, our consciousness.

This simple act is a game changer.

A tithe turns the tide!

It changes lack to LUCK!

It changes “Poor me! I’m out of money,” to “Pour me out a blessing!”

It turns the proverbial sow’s ear into a silk purse!

If your fortunes seem low. If your life seems in the doldrums. If things have not worked out for you. If opportunities seem to pass you by or don’t pan out. If you feel stuck lost, lonely, at a dead end....

There is nothing that will turn your way of seeing things around than will the act of tithing. Someone “poor of spirit” giving in Faith, that they are ready for something new will be richly rewarded. This one is ready; they are tired of the old ways that do not bring good results.

I offered a sermon at Unity Church in Albany, back in March 2020. The title is “As You Tithe, So You Prosper. You can listen to it, here.

The theme of the talk is tithing as a physical act that is four things rolled into one. Four spiritual practices that, when done mindfully, with purpose and sincerity, powerfully open our minds to the goodness and abundance of the Universe.

Tithing is:

  • A DENIAL — Tithing denies any appearance in our world of lack and limitations.

  • An AFFIRMATION — Tithing is an assertion that, “I have enough. I have more than enough. I have more than enough to share. And, I am ready to receive more!”

  • A PRAYER — Tithing is prayer in action! Saying mere words does not by itself make prayer, not one that has power behind it. Prayer requires much more than mumbling some words. It takes thought, feeling, attitude, vision and action.

  • An Expression of GRATITUDE — Tithing is gratitude in action. Like prayer, saying, “I am grateful,” is not enough. Gratitude is an action verb.

Life isn’t working? Life could be better? Need a lift? Need a jump-start? Need a boost out of your depression, your sadness, your ill-health, your feelings of being unlucky and unworthy?

Need some ancient wisdom that is new and different, one guaranteed to bring success, when done rightly, consistently and with a modicum of sincerity and a mustard seed of Faith?

Try tithing!

Students who take the Prosperity Now! 12-Week Journey are guaranteed that their tithes to Prosperity Now! will be cheerfully refunded if — after they have completed the 12 week program — they are not fully satisfied with their results.

The only thing you have to lose is your poverty, so why not start today?

Email me with your questions, share your experiences and give me your constructive feedback at

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